2 thoughts on “Camera Awesome

  1. I assume this was shot with the new smug ap then?? I have been having problems with it glitching lately, throwing a stutter white screen into view when I am trying to take a pic. Great job here though, love the texture added too.

    1. I didn’t actually take the photo using the app–I took the photo using the iPhone camera, then edited it in Camera Awesome, so I’ve never had to deal with glitches while trying to take a photo. Have you sent a message to SmugMug about the problems you’ve been having? They’re pretty awesome at responding when it comes to issues with the site, I bet they’d do equally as well with support for their app :)

      And thanks! I’m still not sure if Camera Awesome is going to become a default iPhoto editing tool for me (so far Hipstamatic and Snapseed are my tops) but it seems to have enough potential that I’m willing to give it some more time.

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